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It takes much effort to get an ideal face, you know. But imagine you could get a perfectly retouched photo within a single click! Visage Lab application for iOS and Android can do exactly this, and for free! The app removes pimples and wrinkles, fixes red eye and whitens teeth to make your portrait photo look like a cover shot!

You are welcome with your suggestions on improving the app, and you can also vote on others’ ideas.
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I cannot do any retouch even upgrade pro version

I paid to upgrade to visage lab pro version, to have other advanced retouch options. But I upgraded and it seem the same as visage lab 2 (free version). Please advise
Response from the site administrator
Grebneva, 28.03.2017
Dear Yunice, the functionality of the free and PRO is the same.
Benefits of the PRO version:
- the PRO version doesn't contain the third-party AD
- it does not watermark images
- all artistic effects are open for usage.
Yunice, 25.01.2017, 05:54
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I did not mean to purchase this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not purchase this app!! Why am I being billed for it??? So upsetting. I would not spend $4.99 on this! It is not even half as good as some of the free cam apps I've downloaded!!!!!!
Response from the site administrator
Grebneva, 23.03.2017
Dear Kissandra, to get a refund, please follow the link and keep to the set of rules listed there -
Kisandra, 25.02.2017, 06:20
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This app did not work. Requesting a full refund.

Response from the site administrator
Grebneva, 28.03.2017
Dear Anne,
Thank you for informing us about this problem. But to clarify the whole situation could you be more specific? Can you open the app? Is there any error?
In order to get a refund please e-mail us ( and write your purchase info and the device iOS.
Anne Venzor, 14.02.2017, 14:25
9 votes Vote

I really Love your App!!

Love your App and I use it on all my pictures and they turn out Great!! I would Love it if you could also do your neck in the pictures for wrinkles. Thank you!! Great App keep up the good work..
Connie, 15.12.2014, 14:34
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